31 May 16

Italian operators boost intermodal

Arcese and, in association with P&O Ferrymasters, Transmec have introduced new unaccompained services on different axes

Italy-based logistic services provider Arcese recently introduced a new intermodal service between Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and Le Boulou on the France-Spain border, to cater for North West Europe/Spain traffic flows.

It is now known which rail service provider(s) Arcese is buying slots from, but it is not Lorry-Rail (VIIA), as it using lo-lo (un)loading. Arcese is offering three departures/day in each direction, seven days/week, with C & D services covering Benelux, the Ruhr and Saarland with southwest France and the Spanish regions of Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia. The maximum door-to-door transit time is 72h. In addition, Bettembourg is a steel wheel hub for UK and Scandinavia traffic flows. The service caters for 100 m3 trailers with a payload of up to 25t.

“Arcese began life as a road haulier and over the years has developed as a multimodal transport operator, and intermodal is a strong point of our service offer to clients,” said Giovanna Montani, Arcese’s FLT Sales Director, Europe. Arcese Group covers 56 companies in three business units – road freight, air and sea, and logistics solutions.

P&O Ferrymasters and the Transmec Group have expanded their intermodal operations with the launch of a regular rail service linking Italy and Romania.

Using private rail operators under a dedicated company train concept, the service starts on 1st June with two departures per week each way between Piacenza and Oradea, leaving every Wednesday and Saturday. An additional weekly departure is planned within a few months.

Key features include a fixed terminal-to-terminal transit time of 40 hours, up to 80 weekly slots, an own-asset fleet of 300 piggyback trailers and more than 2500 45ft palletwide HC containers, forward shipments/collections and an extensive office network with dedicated staff.

The launch follows the success of the intermodal operation between Zeebrugge and Romania launched by the companies in 2014.

Coterminous with the new service, P&O Ferrymasters and Transmec have invested 50:50 in the Oradea facility to set up their own private terminal – replacing the current Romanian railhead in Curtici – and are now upgrading the infrastructure. Future operations and marketing will be geared towards providing terminal services to third party rail operators as well as hosting the partnership’s own trains from Zeebrugge and Piacenza.

Source: World Cargo News