16 October 20

International Fast Trade lane between Casablanca in Morocco and La Spezia in Italy

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North Africa and Europe are getting closer now that the ports of Casablance and La Spezia have adopted a new approach in cargo handling. Thanks to the European project Fenix, a new international fast & secure trade lane will be established.

In addition to the Port Authority of Eastern Ligurian Sea, the companies Tarros Group and Circle are the main players. The first phase of the pilot project was completed just recently.

Data exchange among all players involved in the trade lane and the interoperability of the information systems used by the ports of La Spezia and Casablanca is key.

On the basis of the MoU signed by the Port Authority and Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP), involving Casablanca Terminal and Tarros Maroc, antennas, e-seals and readers are the “material” resources that are positioned near the gates to autodetect RFID seals placed on containers and control entrances – and thus make cargo flows faster and easier to handle. (cd)


Circle S.p.A. (“Circle”), a company listed on AIM Italia, leading its own Group specialized in process and management consulting services and in providing innovative technological solutions for the transport and logistics sector, communicates the launch and implementation of an “International Fast and Secure Trade Lane” (IFSTL) between the ports of La Spezia and Casablanca, involving Port Network Authority of Ligurian Eastern Sea, Agence Nationale des Ports (ANP), Terminal del Golfo (TDG), Tarros and Terminal San Giorgio (TSG), as well as the Casablanca Terminal and Tarros Maroc. The project will be technically coordinated by Circle.

Circle boasts a solid collaboration with all the parties involved in the project. The Italian company will implement the technical system (MILOS for IFSTL) for TDG, TSG, and Tarros, and it will be used to manage the Casablanca – La Spezia commercial/operative and maritime trade lane by Tarros itself.

The project provides an improvement in terms of efficiency and timing for trade between European Union and North Africa, and the logistics corridor between Casablanca and La Spezia, therefore, represents a keystone for the future development of the MED region. The ambitious goal of the project – which is entering today into the operational phase, thanks to the meeting of the operators at Logismed Casablanca last April 10th, which was consolidated by the signing of the MoU between ANP and the System Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea and announced at Transport Logistics June 6th – aims also to establish an interoperability between the operating systems of the actors involved.

«This project shows our will to keep on investing in the Moroccan Market in order to foster the trade relations between our two countries. This is in line with Tarros’ aim to provide its customers with increasingly efficient and innovative solutions», Mr. Danilo Ricci, Tarros Group General Manager, stated.

All the companies involved in the project will be integrated into the platform to improve safety, supply chain and efficiency, both for operators and for the final recipients of the goods. The main improvements of the project concern:

  • Overall digitalisation of the logistics system;
  • Time reduction inside the terminals;
  • Real-time traceability of the goods involved and speeding up customs processes.

The project, therefore, envisages a first pilot-phase to create a logistic corridor to be used by private operators by the end of 2019, in order to subsequently extend the system to other Maghreb and MED ports. With this new project, Circle continues its path of international growth as outlined in the development plan between now and 2022.

SOURCE: Circle S.p.A