07 April 20

International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) launches World Ports Covid-19 Information Portal

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Support to include regularly-updated, frequently-asked questions section vetted by experts from eight global ports, a weekly port economic impact barometer and latest industry updates

In response to requests from members of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), the World Ports Sustainability Program has set up a Task Force comprising some of the world’s top experts to inform and guide the port authorities and users alike via a newly-established WORLD PORTS COVID19 INFORMATION PORTAL .

“In the spirit of international collaboration that drives the World Ports Sustainability Program, the Task Force and Information Portal have been set up to help ports worldwide handle the immense challenges they are all facing with the global COVID19 outbreak. Using the simplified format of five frequently-asked questions, we will provide guidance on current best practices, the industry’s collective recommendations to governments as well as regularly updated, useful information” comments IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven.

The Task Force will be headed up by Tessa Major, IAPH Vice-President for Central and South America and Director of International Business and Innovation at the Brazilian Port of Açu. The Task Force includes multidisciplinary port experts and professionals from the ports of AçuAntwerpBusanFelixstoweGuangzhouLondonLos Angeles and Rotterdam as well as Maritime Street, a consultancy specialised in digital trade logistics.

In addition, to keep track of the economic implications, two internationally-renowned port economists, Professor Theo Notteboom (Shanghai Maritime University, Ghent University and the University of Antwerp) and Professor Thanos Pallis (the University of the Aegean and Universidad de Los Andes), will be working in the production of a weekly economic impact barometer.

The five main questions being permanently addressed and updated are :

With the aim of avoiding over-duplication and info-demic currently pervading online information channels, the easy-to-use portal will be updated with the guidance of the Task Force and using the most reliable sources of information. The portal features the latest industry updates based on a daily screening of reports from individual ports, port associations, shipping organisations, governments, international regulators and specialised news outlets.

Patrick Verhoeven concludes : “The operation of ports is of vital importance to face the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Ports ensure that the world’s medical supplies, food, energy raw materials, as well as manufactured goods and components vital to the preservation of employment, continue to reach their intended destinations. We will play our part in assisting our members and the maritime community through this Task Force and information portal.”

News release contact details :

World Ports Sustainability Program – Victor Shieh, Communications Partner :

Email : victor.shieh@sustainableworldports.org
Tel : +32 473 980 855

Technical enquiries:

World Ports Sustainability Program – Dr. Antonis Michail, Technical Director :

Email : antonis.michail@sustainableworldports.org

You can provide input on your port’s response to COVID-19 and contact our Task Force experts by email on covid19@sustainableworldports.org


Source: IAPH