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Installation of gas & water cleaning system for the upgrade of the Atlantic Arch

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Installation of gas & waterThe Global Project aims to run a global plan for ecological transition making the maritime sector, operating in the Atlantic and the North Sea-Mediterranean corridors, more sustainable.

The Action, which is part of the Global Project, aims to upgrade the Atlantic Arch by deploying innovative Exhaust Gas and Water Cleaning System (EGWCS) that shall reduce air emissions of two ferry passenger and freight liner services operating on the Atlantic and the North Sea Mediterranean corridors between the ports of Cork, Roscoff and Plymouth.

The Action pursues the following objectives:
To green the Atlantic Arch by (1) Reducing sulphur emission pursuant to the rules of Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention on atmospheric sulphur emissions; (2) Reducing other types of emission (e.g. NOx, particles); and (3) Studying the EGWCS sludge logistics and processing in shore based waste processing plants.

To develop a compatible electronic data exchange system between Port authorities and ship owners that shall lead to reduce administrative congestion and facilitate freight and passenger flow.

It consists of three main elements:

  1. The implementation of integrated Gas & Water Cleaning System for two ferries e.i. Pont Aven (PA) and Armorique (AR), sailing on this Motorway of the Sea using heavy fuel oil.
  2. The study on the quantification and logistic process of scrubber effluents to be received by the port of Cork
  3. The development of intelligent information systems for the transmission of data regarding the management of the scrubber waste, port dues and statistics, in addition to the data included in the Port Single Window (PSW) by the ports of Roscoff and Plymouth.

Member States involved:

France, Ireland, United Kingdom

Implementation schedule:

Start date: March 2015

End date: June 2017

Download the Info Sheet about this project:

Installation ofInstallation of gas & water cleaning system for the upgrade of the Atlantic Arch gas & water

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Source: INEA