23 December 13

Improving port-city integration

20 Dec 2013

A new document has been published to outline the main challenges and objectives of any port centre in a bid to improve integration between the city, the port and the public.

AIVP’s Missions Charter of Port Center has been drawn up in association with its partners in the Port Centre Network (PCN) in the hope that it will help all those interested in opening their ports to the public – a vital step in making modern ports attractive and competitive.

Greta Marini, coordinator, PNC, said to Port Strategy:“A Port Centre gives people a unique opportunity to see the issues linked to port activity and the issues of globalisation and economic development.”

Each Port Centre develops its own programme of activities within the framework of a series of missions, identified and shared in the document.

The aim is to raise the awareness of port-related professions and activities and develop the emergence of a living port-city culture.

The 10 challenges and objectives defined in the document include explaining the port, promoting port-related trade and professions, projecting the port’s image, adapting to the public, engaging the port community and maintaining neutrality, among others.

AIVP first started the idea of ‘Port Centers’ three years ago and has already seen more than seven port-cities adopt the innovative charter.

PNC told PS the charter will be signed in 2014 by several other organisations and a Dutch and Italian version will be created.

A total of eight ports worldwide have already adopted the Port Center initiative: Antwerp Havencentrum Lillo, Genoa Port Centre, Port of Melbourne Port Education Centre, Port Centre Le Havre, Livorno Port Centre, Musée Portuaire de Dunkerque, Houston Maritime Museum and Port of Ashdod Visitor Centre.

The initiative is also supported by other port networks including the European Sea ports Organisation (ESPO), the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) and private operator, Contship Italia Group.

 Source: PortStrategy