21 November 12

Hoyer’s “smart” IBCs

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Hamburg-based bulk liquids logistics service provider Hoyer has started to equip its intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) with radio frequency identification tags.

To date, around half of the company’s 20,000-strong IBC fleet has been equipped with RFID transponders.

“RFID makes it possible to remotely identify and locate an IBC and automatically collect, store and transmit digital data about the location, content and condition of the container. Hoyer is the first IBC leasing company to offer its clients this innovative technology,” said Marlen Blechschmidt, project and tender manager for IBC business.

“This technology not only brings enormous benefits for the management of our own IBC fleet, it also enables our clients to integrate IBC status reports into their own IT processes. We want to minimise interfaces with our clients, which optimies processes. RFID technology is perfect for doing this,” he added.

Hoyer has been preparing for the introduction of RFID since 2010. Eleven IBC depots in the the company’s European network are already equipped with portable readers and docking stations for transmission of data into the Hoyer IT system.

Hoyer’s IBC fleet comprises mainly standard units with a capacity of 500 or 1,000 litres. They are largely deployed for transportation and storage of liquid products and can be provided with special coatings or heating and be approved for the carriage of dangerous goods.

Source: worldcargonews.om