06 July 15

How to Connect Motorways of the Sea and Ten-T Corridors through Customs 4.0: this is the topic of the next WiderMoS Event in Rome

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Within the framework of the WIDERMOS project (Wider Interoperability for Freight Data Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal Maritime Based COrridorS) , the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency is the leader of the Activity 2 –Working Group Customs- Governance of the customs corridors.

In this context, a meeting has been held in Rome on  July 8th, at the headquarters of the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency, in order to involve all partners and stakeholders in the discussion about the issues addressed and the results obtained so far, with the aim of achieving convergence in Europe.

The event was titled “Connecting Motorways of the Sea and Ten-T Corridors through Customs 4.0”  and focused on how advanced Customs procedures and concepts, such as the Corridor Information Pipelines, could support the effective bridge between Motorways of the Sea and Ten-T Corridors, fostering the integration of maritime transport in the logistic chain and boosting EU internal and external trade.

In view of this, the participation to the event of the EC Directorates mainly involved (DG MOVE for maritime issues and DG TAXUD for customs  matters) was fundamental to define a shared strategy.

Read here the draft of the agenda


For any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Maria Laura COMITO – marialaura.comito@agenziadogane.it