14 July 17

How the digitalization impacts the freight World? From Intermodal to Synchromodal System

escf-homeHow the digitalization impacts the freight World? From Intermodal to Synchromodal System


The theme of a green and sustainable logistics is always current. A lot of studies have been done relating this important topic and other will be developed.

In this scenario has been designed the idea of real live tools, with the aim of providing the best solution available related to different diktat asked by the different shippers.  One of the most important things is the respect of different restrictions provided by the shipper like the respect of environment and a low Co2 emission with a tolerable costs level.

The concept of Synchro Modal Freight Services was born as reply of these needs.

The concept can be described with 2 Key Points:

–          the transport with an efficient rate between the transport costs and the negative impact on the environment;

–          The possible benefitsè  increase the flexibility of transports choices, increase the utilization of Rail and Inland waterway, Optimal use of available capacity on the network.










The problems within the intermodal transport are the following:

–          Operational problems like:

o   Train decoupling

o   Use of rail infra for both passenger/freight Transport

o   Terminal opening hours

–          Organization problems like:

o    Co-ordination between multiple partners and timing of road haulage

–          Economics Problem like:

o   High transshipment cost

As we said before the goals is to make stronger the key point and improve the weaknesses of Intermodal Transport Chain.

The two X factor compare the Intermodal Chain are the terms:






Flexibility: Given by the possibility to switch between modalities and making decision for the best available, based on real time situations and conditions, traffic real information, making real time adjustments in response for example to the late arrival of bargers. With the results of:

–          The creation of a Modal Booking Service

–          An increase of level of Digitalization regarding both Documents and Processes


System Approach:   the key here is looking to all type of transports available within a defining Intermodal service, and managing  like an orchestra the different transport chain in a clear and integrated way.


The success of Synchromodality seem depend to the IT integration along the Logistics Chain: in this path bigger operators like Maersk has already provide the first sign of innovation thanks to the partnership with IBM and its Blockchain System, where all documents will be uploaded in a digital platform. The road of innovation is fundamental and the shipping and transport field have the necessity to not fall behind at this revolution.


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