19 December 18

Hapag-Lloyd enhances its Adriatic Service with call at Trieste port

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Hapag-Lloyd Enhances Its Adriatic Service With Call At Trieste Port

December 19, 2018 – German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd AG will add the North Adriatic port of Trieste to its Adriatic Service. The service will be provided by Unimed Feeder Services A/S (UFS), linking Trieste to Piraeus in Greece.

The new Trieste call will enable a better connection with services to Canada/USA, Far East, East Med and the Middle East, offering very extensive coverage of the Adriatic Sea and related inland locations.

UFS is an independent company offering first class feeder services with the most comprehensive network of connections, serving the hub ports of Malta, Barcelona, Valencia, Piraeus, Damietta, Alexandria, Port Said East/West, Black Sea, and Jeddah in Rthe ed Sea.

Source: PortsEurope