07 July 14

Green Marine performance in 2013

More than 40 environmental groups and government agencies have endorsed the Green Marine programme, which addresses nine key issues including air emissions, cargo waste management, water and land pollution prevention; environmental leadership and community impacts such as noise, dust and light.

The 2013 global average of the participants reached an overall level of 3.1 on a scale of 1 to 5. Reaching level 3 is demanding, participants must benchmark their environmental impacts and have implemented best practice and management plans.

Greg Wight, Green Marine’s chair of the board, said: “These results show our members’ commitment to sustainability with the global average continually improving since Green Marine’s inception in 2007, despite a more stringent programme, additional performance indicators and new participants.”

The performance report for 2013 includes the fact that 67% of the member ports and terminals have now established a plan for prevention of water and soil pollution and 93% have restricted vehicle engine idling to improve air quality.

Also, 78% of Green Marine shipowners have now equipped their vessels with recycling bins and trained crew members to reduce, reuse, recycle, reclaim and properly dispose of waste, which has contributed to a reduction of waste at source.

In addition, 54 participants have completed a greenhouse gas inventory, which represents 67% of all participants.

More information on the Green Marine programme and its 2013 performance

Source: greenport.com