17 December 14

Gioia Tauro: agreement with the Chinese port of Tianjin


Gioia Tauro – The Port Authority of the Sicilian port signed a twinning agreement with Tianjin Port (Group) Company, the most important port operator in the Chinese port of Tianjin. Visiting Gioia Tauro, the vice-president of Tianjin Port (Group) Company, Yaun Baotong, senior manager Yu Houxin and accompanying staff, were welcomed by special commissioner Giovanni Grimaldi, secretary-general Salvatore Silvestri and by Domenico Bagala, managing director of Med Center Container Terminal.

Underscoring this agreement, explains a news release, is the desire of Gioia Tauro’s Port Authority to work together with one of the world’s main economic driving forces, in order to open up a dedicated connecting route to one of its main markets. According to Yuan Baotong, the port of Gioia Tauro “represents the key to unlock access to Southern Europe, thanks to its central location in the Mediterranean”

Source: The Medì Telegraph