29 January 16

Georgia Ports Authority celebrates record container volumes

Mason Rail Yard“The expansion was fuelled in part by heightened demand in the US Southeast, Savannah’s logistical advantages drawing new customers to Georgia and cargo diverted from the West Coast,” said executive director, Curtis Foltz.

Total tonnage across all terminals reached 31.48m tonnes in 2015, marking an increase of 1.09m tonnes, or 3.6%.

Of that growth, container tonnage added 991,031 tonnes for a total of 25.81m tonnes; bulk cargo added 60,705 tonnes to reach 2.86m; and, breakbulk cargo grew by 1.7% to reach 2.79m tonnes.

Looking ahead, GPA has an expansion plan in place. As part of a $47m investment, the board will purchase four new ship-to-shore cranes for the Port of Savannah, bringing the total number to 30.

It will also add four cranes at Savannah’s Garden City terminal, as previously purchased machines are put into service, and continue to deepen the Savannah Harbour in anticipation of a move in the world fleet towards larger ships.

The board also approved $8.2m for Phase III of construction of a new empty container depot.

GPA board chairman, James Walters, said: “Georgia’s deepwater ports achieved an outstanding year in 2015, with the hard work of our employees and partners in labour, shipping, trucking and rail. By adding a truck gate, container yard space, container handling equipment and ship-to-shore cranes, the GPA is maintaining capacity ahead of demand to ensure efficient cargo movement.”

Source: Port Strategy