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Gas Fuelled Ships 2017 highlights long-term viability of LNG

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                                                                                                                 Gas Fuelled Ships 2017 highlights long-term viability of LNG

Insights into the future of LNG and other lowflash point fuels offered at The Motorship’s 2017 Conference.

November 2017 Fareham UK – A zero-emissions solution will emerge during the lifetime of the latest generation of gas-fuelled ships predicted Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, CEO of Containerships, at the Gas Fuelled Ships 2017 conference. Laaksonen, who gave a keynote speech at the conference, stated that LNG would be used as a ‘bridging’ fuel during the development of the zero emissions solution.

Competition with oil was the focus of ‘Long Term Viability of LNG’ with panellists commenting on the complex nature of using LNG as a fuel; the ‘no tax’ rule imposed on the use of fossil fuels in the shipping industry leads to LNG incurring stiff price competition. The panel concluded that emerging environmental legislation and CO2 concerns mean LNG will play a key role in the future of the shipping industry.

‘Innovative designs for LNG-fuelled-LNG-ready vessels’ focused on the development at a global level of LNG bunkering infrastructure, with a particularly high density of projects in Europe compared to the rest of the world. Presented by Martial Claudepierre of Bureau Veritas, who explained that this is facilitating the rise of many gas-fuelled ship projects such as the recent retrofit of Wessels’ boxship, Wes Amelie, and the CMA CGM ULCS (ultra-large containerships) project.


Conference presentations covered a variety of topics from Flettner rotors, other low flashpoint fuels, batteries, hybrid solutions and even the potential for hydrogen as a marine fuel. There was also speculation that LNG, as a marine fuel, is nearing maturity.

Technical visits to the methanol fuel cell on board the host ship and conference venue Viking Mariella were a welcome practical example of the future of the shipping industry, the fuel cell is part of the e4ships Pa-X-ell project between DNV GL, Meyer Werft and Viking Line. Delegates also had the opportunity to inspect the unique humid air module, which helps reduce NOx emissions, reduce fuel consumption and increase power output on the four 12-cylinder Wärtsilä 40 engines.

The Conference concluded with a panel discussion on moving to future/ advanced fuels/hybrid solutions. Presentations were made by Joacim Westerlund, Technical Fleet Manager at Viking who has worked on the Viking Mariella project, Dr. Gerd Wuersig, Business Director Alternative Fuels, DNV GL, Nina Savijoki, Sales Manager at Deltamarin and Reetta Kaila, Sales Manager at Wärtsilä.

Kaila spoke about the achievement of zero emissions as a key driving force behind Wartsila’s current projects. She also touched upon the possibilities for using hydrogen in the maritime industry and presented a brief comparison on the practicalities of the availability, transport, storage and bunkering of hydrogen in comparison with LNG. Dr. Gerd Wuersig, Business Director Alternative Fuels, DNV GL spoke with reference to Meyer Werft’s work on board Mariella and the company’s wider work with fuel cells, stating that it is one of the most serious design developments that he has seen in recent years.

The new 2018 Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference was announced by Gavin Lipsith, editor of The Motorship on the final day of the conference. Representing the combination of the 40th Propulsion & Emissions Conference and the 9th Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, the new Propulsion & Future Fuels event will take place between the 14-16 November 2018

Notes for editors

Fuelling the future of the shipping industry

This year’s GFS Conference took place onboard the Viking Mariella, featuring the world’s largest methanol fuel cell project. Addressing the use of low flash point fuels as a maritime fuel, the programme included take up and feedback from operators across different sectors, development, and the use of alternative fuels. Innovative ship designs, with the aim of informing delegates of the viability and likely take-up of ‘future’ fuel options were also explored. Pricing predictions and infrastructure updates together with bunkering, safety and technology updates were all covered, along with operator and technical panel discussion. While onboard, technical visits to the engine room, bridge and fuel cell were also enjoyed.

‘Long Term Viability of LNG’ panellists:

• Niclas Dahl, Head of Marine Separators, Alfa Laval,

• Steve Esau, General Manager, SEA\LNG,

• Dr. Gerd Wuersig, Business Director Alternative Fuels, DNV GL ‘

Moving to the future/advanced fuels/hybrid solutions’ panellists:

• Joacim Westerlund, Technical Fleet Manager- Viking

• Gerd Wuersig, Segment Director LNG fuelled ships & Senior Principal Specialist DNV GL

• Nina Savijoki, Sales Manager at Deltamarin

•Reetta Kaila, Sales Manager at Wärtsilä.

About Gas Fuelled Ships

The 8th Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, with DNV GL as Gold Sponsor, offered a technical perspective on the innovation and investment driving the uptake of LNG, methanol and other low-flashpoint fuels in the commercial shipping sector. Further information about the conference or any other Mercator Media event can be found here: http://www.motorship.com/gfsconference


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