11 February 17

Fruit Logistica 2017,Fresh Food Corridors presented by the Port of La Spezia- VIDEO

Berlin – On 9th February during the Fruit Logistica 2017, the Port of La Spezia presented a B2B Networking Cocktail within the activities of “Fresh Food Corridors”. Fresh Food Corridors is a project co-financed by the EU (Connecting Europe Facility for Transport Program), establishing innovative logistics chains for perishable goods and connecting the Motorways of the Sea coming from non-EU countries with the railway connections that link the Mediterranean ports: Venice, La Spezia, Koper, Marsiglia and the inland market of Central Europe.

The B2B event built up a specific stakeholder network and was focused on the aspects that today embody a benefit for the sector of the reefer transport. The meetings analysed first the state of the art from a global point of view, within the Mediterranean area, and then highlighted on the main actions that would be carried out by the Port of La Spezia in order to increase productivity, competitiveness and stimulation of intermodal transport (logistic corridor connections, new rail infrastructures and optimization of road links). The fruitful dialogue between the FFC team of the Port of La Spezia and the participants would be an important starting point for creating new reefer scenarios in the Ligurian Port.

As said by Ms.Federica Montaresi (Head of Studies and Special Projects Unit of the P.A of Eastern Ligurian Sea – La Spezia): “Thanks to the improving of Supply Chain in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the time saved in comparison with the ports of the Northern Europe will be 5 days, as demonstration of the big opportunity for our ports and relative operators for saving money and pollution”.


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