28 December 15

From theory to practice: TrainMoS II students visited Sines LNG Terminal, Portugal

Untitled1On 17th of December TrainMoS II students visited LNG Terminal in the Port of Sines accompanied by engineer Paulo Mestre (currently General Manager at REN Atlântico) and engineer Carlos Silva (also from REN Atlântico).

FCSH/NOVA, responsible for post-graduate module “Port planning, infrastructure management and LNG supply chain” in the framework of TrainMoS II project, provided the students with an opportunity to gain on-spot experience in a terminal where LNG storage and handling are made.

The visit started with a demonstration of main LNG properties and characteristics. Engineer Carlos Silva showed LNG behaviour upon release in normal athmospheric conditions, simultaneously reminding the students about the safety measures which should be respected while handling liquid natural gas.

After the presentation continued with a demonstration of LNG reaction to contact with other elements, namely water, fire and metal. The students had unique possibility to see the effect produced by interaction of different substances with liquid natural gas, clarify their doubts and even taste water after LNG spill.

Following the demonstration, the students attended a lecture of engineer Paulo Mestre about the organization and main elements of Sines LNG Terminal (concepts and basic process) and future trends in energy and LNG markets.

Acquaintance with the terminal continued in the Control Room where students could see how the terminal is operated and monitored, and directly in the area of LNG storage tanks and associated facilities.

FCSH/NOVA and TrainMoS II Consortium express sincere gratitude to REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais for organizing and conducting the study visit.

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