08 June 16


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FRESH FOOD CORRIDORSThe Action is part of a Global Project whose objective is to achieve a safe, sustainable and efficient fresh food transport system in the Euro-Mediterranean area through the long term effective and sustainable connection between the Trans-Mediterranean Transport Network (TMT-T) and the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) of which MoS represent the maritime dimension.

The overall objective of this pilot Action is to test and enhance a sustainable inter-modal transport and logistics system for freight movement between Mediterranean and Northern European destinations by rail and sea. Dry and reefer containers will move from their origin by inland transportation modes to the gateway ports, then by vessels on a scheduled service between non-EU ports in the Mediterranean (Israel) to EU ports (Venice in Italy, Marseille in France & Koper in Slovenia), then by dedicated rail services to Northern logistical centres (e.g. Rotterdam) and then by truck to the end client. The Action is complemented by a pilot on a further corridor (Cyprus – Egypt) focused on IT and process integration and by a transferability analysis of the concept between the Port of La Spezia and further non-EU countries.

The objectives of the Action will be achieved via:

Member States involved:

Slovenia, France, Italy, Cyprus and Israel (third country)

Implementation schedule:

Start date: September 2014

End date: October 2017

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Source: INEA