11 October 18

Freeway Trieste project to combine efficient logistics, innovation

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Trieste, Italy , 2018 – The Freeway Trieste project, promoted by public and private entities operating in Trieste port, aims to combine the technological innovation with an efficient logistics based on a sustainable ecological and economic system, entrepreneur Enrico Samer has said.

Freeway Trieste Project To Combine Efficient Logistics, Innovation

The project will be supported by “the particular opportunities that Trieste offers to world trade”, Samer, the president of Samer & Co. Shipping, has said.

Freeway Trieste is jointly promoted by a public-private partnership between AREA Science Park, a public research institution managing a multisectoral science and technology park, fostering innovation and economic development, and Samer & Co. Shipping S.p.A., a company with almost a century of history, acting as a shipping agent and freight forwarder in the international market.

Freeway Trieste is addressed to high technology industries needing to set up a new industrial production site with two main requirements:

Source: PortsEurope