05 August 20

First results of the CEF project “E-BRIDGE; Emergency and BRoad Information Development for the ports of GEnoa”

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First results of the CEF project “E-BRIDGE. Emergency and BRoad Information Development for the ports of GEnoa” (coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Transport and participated by Circle together with the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and UIRNet (provider of the National Logistics Platform)).

The web interface between the Port Community System and the Piattaforma Integrata Circolazione (“PIC”) di Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Gruppo FS Italiane) for the sharing of real-time data concerning rail connections among harbour ports and related inland terminals was released.

The overall project aim is the creation of an innovative IT platform able to guarantee the interoperability among the Port Community and private and public operators involved in the rail (and road) last-mile management within the port area.

Here available the complete press release (Italian language)  HERE




Strengthened shipping alliances, increased ship dimension and the competitiveness among global logistics players make the worldwide transport and logistics scenario constantly more demanding and performance-oriented: the main objective of all players involved is to be effective in meeting the efficiency required by the market. Milos is the innovative modular solution for the transport optimization of containers, trailers, cars, and general cargo through the logistic-intermodal chain, in order to swiftly sort goods arriving at logistics hubs and rapidly handle and trace them in a door-to-door perspective.
Milos is a cutting-edge solution constantly updated: its modules, which include IoT and Blockchain applications, can offer an innovative, secure and efficient service for the optimization and simplification of handling and logistics operation of Inland and Port Terminals, Shippers (multinational companies, MTOs) and Port Authorities. Milos framework can be also integrated with existing ERP, TOS, and PCS systems.

The value of supply chain visibility increases when it is integrated with other applications, such as TMS, warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain planning, and ERP, where problems can be identified, diagnosed, and resolved in a single environment. However, true end-to-end visibility that spans transportation, inventory, orders, multiple modes of transport (such as land and ocean) or multiple functions (such as transportation and trade compliance) is less mature and often requires that multiple applications be stitched together or, at the very least, disparate data sources are pulled into one visibility application.

Sample Vendors: Milos® GSCV of Circle S.p.A. company

Circle S.p.A. (“Circle”), company headed by the homonymous group, specialized in the analysis and development of automation and digitalization solutions for the port sectors and intermodal logistics, listed on the AIM Italia market, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana, announces the inclusion of the Milos® GSCV (Global Supply Chain Visibility) into the Supply Chain Operational Visibility Vendor Guide by Gartner Inc.

Gartner Inc, the world’s leading consultancy and research company and member of the S&P 500, provides crucial guidance for companies and stakeholders for global investment and growth activities. In November 2019 Gartner published the Operational Visibility Supply Chain Vendor Guide, research that brings together the main technological players in the Supply Chain.

Circle is included into “Vendor List” with the Milos® solution, Circle’s main product, as a support activity for the Global Supply Chain. Gartner’s research analyzes the contemporary logistics market and predicts that by 2024 at least 75% of the top 50 global companies will have implemented their activities in this industry.

Milos® is therefore recognized as a highly innovative and strategic product for companies in the sector at a global level. Milos® is cited within Gartner’s research as a modular solution for optimizing freight transport in general, with a particular focus on automated port logistics and Gate Automation.

This report coincides with the start of the latest release of the Milos® GSCV (Global Supply Chain Visibility) modules on November 19th, 2019, which sees the implementation of the Milos® GSCV Suite with the MasterSPED® Suite, the main software of Progetto Adele, acquired last July by Circle. This implementation between the two products has been focused on the integration of the connectors of both softwares, with the aim of creating a specific added value for advanced customs services, and greater efficiency for port logistics services in terms of security and reduction of costs and times.