22 November 19

First LNG bunkering at Netherlands port

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A port in the Netherlands has completed its first truck-to-ship bunkering of LNG.

The first LNG bunkering has taken place at the Port of Ijmuiden Photo: Titan LNG

The first LNG bunkering has taken place at the Port of Ijmuiden Photo: Titan LNG


The bunkering of the Paans Van Oord-owned, LNG-powered crane vessel, the Werkendam, took place as a joint effort between the Port of IJmuiden, environmental services company, the OD IJmond and Titan LNG. Titan LNG provided the trailer.

“This first for the Port of IJmuiden is another important step for LNG bunkering. The port is strategically located for bunkering activities and the operation today further acknowledges our strong track record in LNG bunkering”, said Jippe van Eijnatten, director business development at Titan LNG.

Margot Michielse of the Omgevingsdienst IJmond/Velsen, which, as the regulatory body for the port, gave approval for the bunkering, said, “Having LNG powered vessels work in our port area is great for the local emissions and of course they should be able to bunker as efficient as normal MGO, this LNG bunkering is a great step forward.”

The Werkendam is fully powered by LNG, with gas oil as a back-up. The installed tank capacity on the aft deck can store 35m3 LNG on board. In comparison with diesel, LNG emits 80% less particulate matter and 70% less nitrogen oxides. A CO2 reduction of around 25% is also achieved.

LNG is not the only sustainable element of the Werkendam. “Not only is the vessel running on LNG, the electric crane on the vessel is equipped with devices known as ultracaps, which recover energy when, for example, a load is release,” explained Cor Paans, director of Paans Van Oord. “We are proud of this ingenious crane vessel that is now successfully deployed on its third project.”


Source: Greenport