02 July 15

Two new rail freight services connecting La Spezia to the European Network: final results from the IFreightmed project

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On Monday the 29th of June, the final meeting of IFREIGHT-MED DC project was held in European Parliament at Brussels. This was an opportunity to summarize the activities of the project, analyze the final results and foresee the future perspectives linked to the themes discussed.


IFREIGHT-MED DC was a project to improve regional competitiveness by promoting the development of multimodal hauling and e‑client railway services throughout the Mediterranean Zone, and had the principal objective of promoting multimodal and rail freight transport by encouraging relationships between actors (hauliers, ports, operators and administrations) in the Mediterranean Corridor (RFC6).

Within this framework, a strategy has been defined to improve regional competitiveness through the optimization of the logistical potential of the involved territories. In this sense, 11 managing partners and 5 associated partners have been mobilized from the five Mediterranean Zone countries (Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) led by the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The project followed 3 working lines: the identification of the principal issues and the respective requests and recommendations, the development of pilot initiatives and the creation of Regional Multimodal Service Committees.

The main outputs carried out by the Regional Committees were some studies, like the “Accompanying Measures” document, analyzing the state-of-the-art of the principal critical issues related to the rail freight transport in each territory and suggestions to overcome them, and the “Manifesto”, a document listing 10 measures suggested to the European institutions and operators to improve competitive multimodal services in the Mediterranean Corridor.

In a parallel way, seven new cross border intermodal freight services (“pilots”) have been planned and three of them have already been launched (the Italians La Spezia-Frenkendorf and La Spezia-Munich, the French Perpignan-Katrineholm), obtaining a very good impact on markets.


The main activities were the PRESENTATION OF THE IFREIGHTMED-DC PROJECT AND STUDIES by Mr. Ricard FONT (Secretary of Infrastructures and Mobility of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya), the presentation of the TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL SUPPORT TO IMPROVE THE TRANSNATIONAL RAIL FREIGHT SERVICES by Mrs. Federica MONTARESI (La Spezia Port Authority) and the PRESENTATION OF 10 MEASURES TO IMPROVE COMPETITIVE MULTIMODAL SERVICES IN THE MEDITERRANEAN CORRIDOR by  Mr. Miquel LLEVAT (General Director COMSA RAIL), Mrs. Martine BERTHELOT and Mr. Xavier LLUCH (Representing Languedoc-Roussillon’s Committee), Mrs. Federica MONTARESI (Port of la Spezia), Mr. Paul SHELTON (General Director of Tradisa), Mr. Roberto RICHTER (Port of Koper), Mr. Cristian BARDAJÍ (General Council of Chambers of Commerce of Catalonia), Mr. Miguel Ángel DOMBRIZ (Director Catalan Railways Cargo company of Catalonia).

Mr. Brando BENIFEI and Mr. Ramon TREMOSA were the Members of the European Parliament involved in the discussion of the final event.


“Today is an important day for the Port of La Spezia – said Mrs. Federica MONTARESI – We presented the results obtained by the project, and we are proud about the implementation of two new rail services that are supported through the initiatives of iFreightMed project