31 August 17

Favorable landlord environments for North American ports

JLL-property-clockLandlord-favourable environments are the order of the day on Jones Lang LaSalle’s (JLL) most recent seaport property ranking.
The new forecast, published in the company’s Ports Airports and Global Infrastructure (PAGI) 2017 Seaport report, sees all the North American ports studied on the ‘Landlord leverage’ side of the dial.
Currently in their rising phases are the ports of Montréal, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Charleston and Virginia.
Ports currently in their peaking phases are New York/New Jersey, Oakland, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle-Tacoma, Houston, Miami and Vancouver.
The Port of Savannah is currently forecast as exactly between its rising and peaking stages.
The clock illustrates where each port sits on its property cycle.
Markets generally move in a clockwise direction around the dial, with markets on the left-hand side of the dial generally facing more landlord-favourable conditions and markets on the dial’s right-hand side facing tenant-favourable environments.

Source: Port Strategy



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