18 May 17

FAMOS Odin: Finalising Surveys for the Baltic Motorways of the Sea

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FAMOS The Action is the second of three actions comprising the Global Project. The Global Project aims to complete hydrographic surveying in an area of approximately 26.000 km² of the Baltic Sea according to the BSHC-HELCOM Scheme, thereby supporting sustainable and safe shipping in the Baltic Sea and contributing to Blue Growth in the region. The planned hydrographic surveys will also provide information that can be used for navigating vessels on routes with maximised water depth, optimising fuel efficiency and reducing the impact on environment.

The overall objective of this wider benefit MoS Action is to implement the second stage of the finalisation of hydrographic surveying of the Baltic Sea according to the BSHC-HELCOM Scheme. The Action will specifically:

– Objective 1: Increase safety of navigation in the Baltic Sea through hydrographic surveying of additional approx. 26 000 km² of areas which have been identified as important for shipping activities. – Objective 2: Update nautical products such as charts and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC), based on the survey data produced. – Objective 3: Produce bathymetry base data for future navigation applications, such as Sea Traffic Management or the next generation of Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS). – Objective 4: Optimisation of vessel positioning accuracy by improving the marine geodetic infrastructure. This includes work towards a highly accurate and quality controlled geoid model with the objective to complete it in 2020, as well as recommendations towards better GNSS augmentation systems. – Objective 5: Re-calculate vertical datum dependent chart data, such as charted soundings, depth contours or bridge clearings, and issue updated nautical products based on EVRS realisations.

Member States involved:

Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania

Implementation schedule

Start date:February 2016

End date: December 2018

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FAMOS Odin: Finalising Surveys for the Baltic Motorways of the Sea

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