12 January 21

Europe’s ports can be a strategic partner in making the European Green Deal happen

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Following the release of European Commission’s new “EU Mobility Strategy“, European Sea Ports Organisation welcomes the ambition of the strategy to deliver the Green Deal transport target and reduce GHG emissions by 90%.


In fact, ESPO fully supports the intention to make all transport modes sustainable and to shift towards more sustainable solutions, while subscribes to the technology-neutral approach the Commission is pursuing.

Europe’s ports can be a strategic partner in making the European Green Deal happen. ESPO considers the “zero-emission port” flagship as an encouragement of the current efforts Europe’s ports are already making to facilitate emission reduction and to contribute to the energy transition of Europe’s economy.

…as ESPO stated.

In light of the diversity of European ports, ESPO believes that designing port-specific roadmaps combined with wellworking monitoring and certification tools such as the EcoPorts tools, and the exchange of best practices, is the best and most efficient way to reach this goal.

Although ESPO welcomes the Commission’s proposal to support carbon neutral choices for scheduled collective travel below 500 km in the EU, it regrets however that the strategy does not consider the current role and further potential of ferry connections, as a sustainable alternative to short haul flights and a sustainable option in building back better the seriously hit tourism sector.

Whereas the Commission aims at making Europe’s transport system resilient, viewing a coordinated European approach to connectivity and transport activity as essential to strengthen EU’s strategic autonomy and resilience, the Strategy lacks a holistic vision on how to strengthen the role of ports as engines of growth and recovery.

…ESPO concluded.

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