09 April 18

European Shipping Industry Stakeholders Forum, Varna 2018

MOSFrom the 3 to the 5 of May 2018 Varna, will be held the European Shipping Industry Forum,  the main topic will be the following:

The Stakeholder’s viewpoint /state point re European Maritime Transport Policy until 2020;

The Stakeholder’s dialogue on the next European Maritime Transport Strategy 2019-2028.

Important insights will be discuss regarding the: decarbonisation, digitalisation, competitiveness and integration of maritime transport in the logistics chain.

The first day of event, the 4 May 2018 from the 13.30 to the 18.00 inside the round table called European Shipping Industry Stakeholders dialogue and debate on Black Sea / East Med MOS European Motorway of Sea – Detailed Implementation Plan 2018, will be discussed by Brian Simpson and Wojciech Sopinski the evolution of Motorway of the Sea,  with important focus relate the Eu Maritime Transport Strategy and  the Maritime dimension of BG-GR Multimodal Corridor. 

Here attached you  can find the:  AGENDA