07 August 15

EU- level Conference on MoS and TEN-T to launch the TrainMoS II Academic programme is on the stock!


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The relevance of MoS in the EU transportation systems and TEN-T

The journey of the TrainMoS II training provision has already started with some of the professional courses already delivered in July (Maritime sustainability and energy savings  and Evacuation and crisis management)

Now a new exciting adventure is about to get started for several University graduates that from September to December will have the opportunity to benefit of the TrainMoS II Master course for post graduates offered free of charge within this TEN-T Project.

The proposed package is a set of 6 modules covering all the aspects of the Motorways of the Sea, logistic chain and several other topics linked to maritime transport management with a view at enhancing the sustainability of the sector, addressing the most pressing issues and deepening the latest challenges the maritime industry is facing.

To officially launch this Academic programme, a EU-level Conference that cannot be missed will be held right one month from now, opening the first module “Maritime Sustainability and MoS” led by Università degli Studi di Genova.

The event, titled “The relevance of MoS in the EU transportation systems and TEN-T”, organized by Regione Liguria in close cooperation with the module leader, will thus take place on the 7th of September in Genoa, Italy, in the Regione Liguria building in via Fieschi 15. There, the 11th floor room with its breath-taking view will host high level speakers that will gather to discuss about some of the most hot topics regarding Motorways of the Sea, TEN-T Policies and the answers of the stakeholders that more than others are in the front line to put them into practice.

The aim of this Conference will be two-folded: on one side the TrainMoS II Action will be disseminated to key stakeholders to make them aware of its potential and promising outcomes; on the other, it will be the opportunity for discussing once more about the evolving framework around the most important pillars of the European Commission’s transport policies.

After an introduction on the TrainMoS II Project’s main features and goals, room will be given to the MoS Coordinator Brian Simpson, other representatives of the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament to provide insights on the EU approach for giving substance to full MoS development.

Then, key representatives of national and local Administrations, of Port Authorities, shipping Companies and relevant Associations will in turn show their view about past experiences and ongoing initiatives to help supporting EC efforts in promoting a sustainable maritime transport sector.

Also the audience is intended to be double. On one side we find the end users of the TrainMoS II post-graduate course, namely the students, who will have the opportunity to directly learn from key players; on the other side there will certainly be the actors of the maritime transport sector that would like to step in the debate.

Thus, if you have a major involvement in MoS and TEN-T related activities, do not hesitate to join this Conference!

Requests for participation shall be sent via email, by September the 3rd, to the following address: regione@casaliguria.org.

A maximum of around 40 seats are foreseen. However, in order to give the opportunity to a wider audience to attend the Conference, the event will be webstreamed through a dedicated IT platform, whose login credentials could be asked for while registering.

Soon available the detailed programme of the Conference with confirmed speakers.