08 October 20

EU-funded YEP MED project to provide employment opportunities for the Mediterranean youth

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The 9th of September 2020 became the official start date of the project “Youth Employment in the Ports of the Mediterranean”, or YEP MED in short.

The project, co-financed by the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) of the European Union and led by the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport (Spain), aims to develop port- logistics training and vocational (TVET) resources adapted to sector needs to strengthen youth employability; increase and upgrade local employment opportunities
through the creation of real dual-learning programmes with job placements, strengthening the role of SME’s operating in the port ecosystems for future employment creation; and setting up collaborative national and transnational partnerships between port-logistics associations, operators, SMEs, training centres and VET providers, whilst introducing a public-private partnership (PPP) co-management

Between the 7th and the 8th of October, the project kicked off by bringing together
representatives of the partner companies and stakeholders in a virtually-held
international event. On the 7th of October, presidents of the participating public
authorities and private entities gave their own analyses and outlooks on the logistic
and transport sectors in the region. The second day of the conference was dedicated
to meetings between the partners to lay down the groundwork for the months ahead.

“The digitalization, environmental and sustainability aspects are currently a priority for
all ports and port logistics communities. Operations are also analyzed from the point
of view of their impact. New generations must understand the impact of their decisions
on the environment and must design sustainable logistics chains.” – Eduard Rodés,
Director of the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport
“For us you are not a common strategic project, because you are one of the best scored
ever project submitted. We have very high expectations on you. It’s the first project on
ports and it’s not easy to succeed. It’s impressive because you are gathering
competitors and it is still a major achievement for the programme. You are here to
cooperate in something so important as it is training.” – Vincent Ernoux, Coordinator
of branch Office in Valencia Antena, representing the managing Authority of the ENI
CBCMED Programme.


Counting with the participation of partners from Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia, Lebanon,
Egypt and Jordan, including public administrations such as Port de
Barcelona (Spain), Autorità Portuale Mar Tirreno Centro Settentrionale (Italy), Port de
Marseille-Fos (France), Damieta Port Authority (Egypt), Office de la Marine Marchande
et des Ports (Tunisia), Aqaba Development Corporation (Jordan) and Chamber of
Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut (Lebanon), as well as training centres in
each of the countries such as the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport
and Fundación Valenciaport (Spain), Arab Academy (Egypt) and Institut
Méditerranéen de Formation aux Métiers Maritimes (Tunisia), the project will
strengthen the networks between the different countries and build the young


employment sector across the Mediterranean basin. Associated entities, such
as MEDPorts Association and Consell Valencià de la Joventut will also join the project.
YEP MED project was approved under the ENI CBC MED Programme call for strategic
projects in 2019. It is 90% co-financed by the European Union funds, and will receive
2.9 M€ throughout its 30-month duration. During the project implementation phase,
the partners and associates of the project will create virtual courses and carry out
trainings for both trainers and trainees, while at the same time creating a stable
network that will ensure that the training continues after the end of the project,
ensuring equal opportunities for women and for young people in the years to come.
For more information, you can contact Concha Palacios at the project office, citing YEP
MED in the subject line.