14 March 18

EU Forum “Shaping the Port of the Future” is fast approaching – don’t miss it!

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On the MoS Way is organizing, in cooperation with The MediTelegraph and Centre-North Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority System, the European Forum “Shaping the Port of the Future | The societal, economic and management challenges” (Civitavecchia, 10th April). 

The conference, among the other themes,  will analyze the Port of the Future as “key link” within the digital and sustainable logistic chain.

The digitalization of  information flows , the data sharing among operators and the integration among systems allow to make more efficient the logistic operations in terms of costs and times, but this is not sufficient. Indeed it is essential that processes should be sustainable, not only from an economic point of view , but also from an environmental and societal perspective.

It is a transport challenge that we are going to analyze in depth with contribution from the academic world (Delft University of Technology), from  institutions and industry associations  (ESPO, ALIS), from private players (Lloyd’s Register) in order to better understand how to approach and implement efficient and sustainable innovation and  development of processes.

Read here the full program


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