04 October 17

EU Commission for the digitalization of Transport Sector

Connected-logistics-1The Digitalization of the Transport Sector is one of the key objectives of the European Commission. In order to take the digital agenda in transport further, the European Commission launched on 1st July 2015 the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DLTF). The Forum aims at further supporting digitalisation of freight transport and logistics. It brings together Member States and stakeholders from all transport and logistics communities with the aim to identify challenges and areas where common action in the EU is needed, to provide recommendations, and to work on the implementation of these recommendations where appropriate. The Forum shall assist the Commission in implementing the Union’s activities and programmes aimed at fostering more efficient exchange of electronic information in transport and logistics, with the objective of removing technical, operational and administrative barriers between and within transport modes. The Forum shall provide a platform for structural dialogue, exchange of technical knowledge, cooperation, and coordination between the Commission, Member States, and relevant transport and logistics stakeholders. Task of the group is to provide advice and technical expertise to the Commission and its services in relation to the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives in the field of digital transport and logistics, as well as in their implementation.

As highlighted by the European Commission, indeed, in transport, digitalization can significantly improve traffic and transport management through more accurate information on traffic and infrastructure conditions and on the location of vehicles and/or goods. Better access to and sharing of digital transport (traffic, travel, vehicle, cargo etc.) data for both public and private stakeholders along the supply chain can foster seamless information flows, and open up a wide range of new business opportunities:

The European Commission, through its Horizon 2020 funding programme, stimulates research, development and innovation and gives a real boost to European transport research and development.

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