12 March 14

ESPO plea over Clean Fuel Strategy

ESPO has urged the European Parliament and Council to reach an agreement on the Clean Fuel Strategy before the forthcoming EU elections.

The European Parliament and Council met last week in a so-called “trilogue” on the Clean Fuel Strategy to reach a compromise on outstanding issues and it may well meet for another discussion in a few weeks time.

Two of the issues under discussion are of major importance for seaports – the deadline for the provision of LNG refuelling points in core network ports and the conditions under which shore side electricity has to be provided in ports.

If an agreement can be reached, the strategy can be endorsed by the Parliament before the elections.

Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO’s Secretary-General, said: “This strategy is important because it sets out a plan for Member States and stakeholders to work towards alternative fuels. We hope that this strategy is finalised soon, in view of giving the different stakeholders a clear sign on where to go and allowing them to start or continue working towards that goal.”

ESPO said it is in favour of the pragmatic approach that is taken by both European institutions regarding the deployment of LNG refuelling points in core TEN-T ports. The aim here, it said, should be the deployment of a sufficient network of LNG refuelling points taking market realities and distances between ports into account.

With regards to shore side electricity, ESPO there should be a compromise obliging core TEN-T ports to provide shore side electricity wherever there is demand, the costs are not disproportionate to the benefits and there is significant positive impact on the environment.


Source: GreenPort