02 May 16

ESPO Conference 2016 preview

This year’s EPSO Conference will see the European port industry, stakeholders and EU policy makers gather in Dublin on 2 and 3 June.

It will focus on ways to improve the efficiency of maritime transport and ports from multiple angles.

The conference’s first session will focus on the different barriers to the internal market for maritime transport. This includes whether will the new Union Customs Code will help boost trade and if ports are ready to exploit potential benefits.

During the second session, participants will find out whether ports have a digital agenda and what priorities are in it. Speakers will also discuss how useful “big data” is for ports and other transport players

It will also address game changers and possible game stoppers when it comes to easing trade. These include the impact of Chinese investments on EU infrastructure landscape and the forthcoming UK referendum.

Discussions will also centre around next year, where the Commission has devoted 2017 to maritime policy.

EU High-Level policy makers will round up this year’s conference by giving their views on all of these issues and answering the central question: “Are European ports moving fast enough?”

Henrik Hololei DG MOVE’s director general, Mark Frequin representing the Dutch Presidency of the Council and Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament and TEN-T coordinator for the Scan-Med Corridor will head the debate.

American economist Jeremy Rifkin will give a keynote address on the theme of “a Third Industrial Revolution and a Zero Marginal Cost Society” while MEP Knut Fleckenstein will return to the ESPO Conference for another year to give an insight in to current on-going port regulation proposals.

You can book your place for the 2016 ESPO Conference in Dublin on the ESPO website.

Source: Green Port