15 April 16

Environmental compliance and upgrade of the North Sea MoS Esbjerg-Immingham

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Esbjerg-ImminghamThe Motorway of the Sea (MoS) link, addressed under this action, is established as a regular, frequent sea-based transport service calling the TEN-T comprehensive Port of Esbjerg (Denmark) and the core Port of Immingham (the UK) on a daily basis. The Action’s objective is to upgrade the MoS link in accordance with the international environmental regulations as well as to increase the efficiency, capacity, quality and safety of the sea link and the ports and terminal operations. Core element of the action is installation and deployment of a new ship emission abatement technology (hybrid type wet-scrubber of a new design) on two newly built (in 2013-2014) RoRo vessels “ARK Dania” and “ARK Germania”.

Efficiency, capacity, quality and safety improvements will be implemented in the two ports. In the Port of Esbjerg a new terminal layout will be established allowing for optimised usage of the available terminal area, the gate identification system will be renewed and the shore ramp will be adjusted to guarantee optimised ship-to-shore interface and increased productivity of the ship handling operations. In the Port of Immingham, the DFDS intermodal terminal will be upgraded by installation of additional (reefer) plug-in points, purchase of a mobile elevating work platform, upgrade of two link spans, removal of wheel stops and purchase and installation of new terminal handling equipment (a trans-lifter and a tug-master). The action will result in environmental compliance of the maritime operations on the link Esbjerg-Immingham, savings of air pollutants, and reduced sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions (up to 97%) from the maritime transport on this link. Also the competitiveness and long-term viability of the sea-based transportation on the MoS link will be sustained.

Member States involved:

Denmark, United Kingdom

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2016

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Source: INEA