15 April 16

Environmental compliance and service upgrade of the North Sea MoS Cuxhaven-Immingham

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Cuxhaven-ImminghamThe Motorways of the Sea (MoS) link between the Comprehensive port of Cuxhaven and the Core port of Immingham (connected to the North Sea-Mediterranean Core Network corridor), is a vital RoRo link between Germany and the UK. The Action’s objective is to upgrade the MoS link in accordance with the international environmental regulations as well as to increase the efficiency, capacity and quality of the sea link and the ports and terminal operations. The core element of the action is installation and deployment of an effective ship emission abatement solution (hybrid wet-scrubber system) on the RoRo vessel “Britannia Seaways” deployed on the maritime link. Efficiency, capacity and quality improvements in the both ports will be ensured by introduction of modern handling equipment in the port of Cuxhaven and implementing the required terminal area and warehousing infrastructure upgrades in the port of Immingham.

The action will result in environmental compliance of the maritime operations and savings of air pollutants and reduced SOx emissions on the link Cuxhaven-Immingham. In addition, the competitiveness and viability of the sea-based transport on this MoS link will be sustained.

Member States involved:

Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2016

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Source: INEA