05 March 14

ENPI project OPTIMED kicks off

Barcelona-Spain: Between the 27th and the 28th of February the OPTIMED (Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western) project kicked off in Cagliari, Italy. The OPTIMED project, carried out under the Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CCMED) programme of the Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) of the European Union, aims to strengthen the connection between the ports in the Mediterranean through the creation of a new form of cooperation between countries in the Latin arc of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the countries of the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Specifically the project aims to optimise the maritime trade network between the northern shores of the High Tyrrhenian arc and the southern-eastern shores of the Mediterranean sea, by creating an innovative virtual logistics platform structured around ports strengthened as Ro-Ro hubs.

The Kick-off meeting brought together representatives from the 7 project partners, and aimed to advance the work plan for the implementation of the 7 work packages planned for the lifetime of the project. The seven work packages are each then divided into sub-activities: Management and Coordination; Communication; Capitalization of Results; Design of a new hub-based network system; Preliminary design of a new hub-based network system; Design and test of an information system for a virtual logistics platform; and “Business to business” meetings between economic operators.

The Optimed project partners are: Autonomous Region of Sardinia Italy, University of Cagliari – CIREM, Port Authority of Olbia and Golfo Aranci, ASCAME-Association of Mediterranean Chambers Of Commerce, Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport – Lebanon. The project is set to run between 30/12/2013 and 31/12/2015.

The Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping will contribute its expertise in training on freight transport. Together with CCI Beirut the Escola will lead work package 3 – Training on Short Sea Shipping, Motorways of the Sea and e-freight. Under the project the Escola will design and develop a program to train trainees from the participating member states (Lebanon, Italy and Spain) and will organise a pilot course for professionals and administrations from the Mediterranean basin.

In May an official launch of the project will take place in Cagliari, which will be atended by participants from the highest authoriities from the Joint Managing authority of the ENPI-CBCMED programme and the autonomous region of Sardinia.

Source: ONTW staff