15 January 18

Emissions-free barges to benefit three ports

greenportElectric emission-free barges will be used at the ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Rotterdam to reduce pollution and road transportation.

Dutch company Port-Liner specialises in building zero emission barges and will provide these to the ports, enabling them to be environmentally friendly and to navigate small waterways easily, courtesy of their specialised design.

The Port of Amsterdam stated: “We are enthusiastic about the fully electric vessels, because this will help us and our clients in our ambition and strive to realize a sustainable port. We expect that the first inland vessels will sail in the second part of this year.”

The port said it supported the programme because it fitted in with its new policy of giving inland navigation vessels with a zero-emission propulsion system a 20% discount on the inland harbour dues for the Amsterdam and Zaanstad port waters.

At the Port of Antwerp, Port-Liner submitted a project under which it will build five hybrid barges to sail between De Kempen intermodal terminal in the Netherlands and Antwerp.

By offering a method of transportation to companies other than road, Port-Liner hopes to see 23,000 less truck journeys per year.

Source: Greenport

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