19 February 19

Emerging Physical Internet Paradigms in the Last-Mile Supply Chain

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The Special Track entitled “Emerging Physical Internet Paradigms in the Last-Mile Supply Chain” at the PROject LOGistic (PROLOG) Conference 2019,  will be held on June 19th-21st, 2019, at IAE Metz School of Management, Université de Lorraine, Metz (France).

Only for theEmerging Physical Internet Paradigms in the Last-Mile Supply Chaintrack, the deadline for extended abstract or full paper submission is March 8th, 2019.

Track outline

The increasing online sales through web-stores or marketplaces and the rise of population concentration in cities have fostered the adoption of innovative urban logistics models built on offering multiple pickup locations and multiple delivery options as well as an overall increase in the transport demands. Such dramatic impacts call for greater sustainability in the last-mile supply chain, and for the design and implementation of solutions falling into the framework of the Physical Internet initiative.

The last-mile supply chain is affected by multi-faceted problems, which involve multiple stakeholders. Hence, this track addresses the emerging paradigms for innovative and sustainable solutions for the last mile delivery in urban areas in multiple perspectives and with different methodological approaches.


Track Chairs:
Carlo Giglio, University of Calabria, Italy, carlo.giglio@unical.it
Annarita De Maio, University of Calabria, Italy, annarita.demaio@unical.it


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Track keywords

Physical Internet; E-Commerce; Internet Of Things; Blockchain; Sustainable Logistics; Green

Logistics; Decarbonization; Collaborative Logistics; Urban Logistics; City Logistics; Last Mile

Delivery; Last Mile Supply Chain; Last Mile Safety and Performance; Customer Satisfaction.



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