07 June 13

Efficiency focus in Turkey

Grup Marítim TCB’s Turkish Container Terminal (TCEEGE) at the Port of Nemrut Bay, is continuing its strategic plan to implement more efficient technology to the terminal as part of its new expansion.

It’s added a new empty container handler (ECH) to its equipment fleet to increase the speed, safety and environment performance of its operations.

The operator has begun to expand the part of the terminal close to the dock in order to improve the efficiency of ships loading and unloading operations. Construction should be finished at the end of June and the project should expand the area by 21,000 sqm – up to a size of 36,360sqm. The new Terex ECH will work in the new area.

It’s designed to lift a total of nine tonnes and stack empty containers up to seven stories high and it has the latest advances in fuel consumption control and reduced emissions – its motor is made by Volvo Penta.

Mehmet Bosna, general manager, TCEEGE, said: “Up until now we have been using reach stackers to handle empty containers, but, since they are machines for full containers, they were too slow and bulky. On the other hand, the ECH was specifically designed to improve the efficiency of the transport management of empty containers in the Terminal in a further step towards the operational excellence being pursued by Grup TCB.”

Along with improved environmental performance, the ECH is quicker than the reach stackers, the truck moves at 28km/hr when empty and 26km/hr when loaded – it can raise and lower containers by half a metre per second – an important advantage to have when trying to edge in front of the competition.

This isn’t the only piece of new equipment for the TCEEGE since the expansion project was announced. Back in February, Ireland based container crane provider, Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd (LCC) and Grup TCB, created a new crane design, tailor made for finger pier applications at the terminal.

Source: greenport.com