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DOOR2LNG -Upgrade of the maritime link integrated in the multimodal container transport routes

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DOOR2LNGThis action will environmentally upgrade two MoS container transport links between the TEN-T core ports of Helsinki (Finland), Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Teesport (United Kingdom) and will ensure their compliance to the environmental regulation beyond the existing requirements. In addition, it will address the bottleneck of insufficient container handling capacity in the ports and will improve the energy efficiency of the whole logistics chain. To deliver on its main objective, the action entails the following works:

 Equipping four newly built, larger vessels with the latest innovations around dual-fuel LNG (liquefied natural gas) engine technology and energy efficiency;  Purchase of equipment for cargo handling in the ports of Helsinki, Rotterdam and Teesport, and terminal upgrade in the Port of Teesport;  Piloting an IT system for container tracking in the Port of Teesport.

The action is part of Global Project aiming to introduce LNG as an alternative fuel for door-to-door multimodal supply chain in the SECA, through use of 45-ft containers. Via the two MoS links, it is connected to the North SeaBaltic, Scandinavian-Mediterranean, North Sea-Mediterranean and Rhine Alpine Core Network Corridors.

The action will contribute to deployment and use of alternative fuels, efficient energy sources, and reduction of air pollution from shipping. Furthermore, it will improve the efficiency of the ports operations in accommodating larger vessels, handling additional container traffic and shortening the turn-around-times.

Member State(s) involved:

Finland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Implementation schedule Start date:

February 2016 End date: June 2019

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DOOR2LNG -Upgrade of the maritime link integrated in the multimodal container transport routes

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