04 November 15

Do you know the new onthemosway.eu features for the Maritime and Logistics industry?

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cover toolOn the MoS Way works as “The Motorways of the Sea Digital Multichannel Platform”: the web portal aims at facilitating the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of logistics, freight and maritime multimodal transport and is  focused in the full range of Door to Door maritime and logistic chain themes. Conceived within the Motorways of the Sea framework,it aims to be a  powerful tool to create awareness on EU policies, projects and initiatives fostering the maritime and logistic dimension of our economy.

On the MoS Way is now enriched by two new features, useful to strengthen the role of the web portal as training and knowledge center and as reference point among the maritime transport events.

On the MoS Way –   Search for Maritime and Logistics Training, Jobs and Services is the new tool for the Matching of Demand and Supply (developed within TrainMoS II Eu project): it is now available through the web site (click here to have access to the web tool)  and soon through  Android app.  The tool is a simple way to find the answer to your training and business needs: conceived for practitioners, students, universities, training organizations, companies, the tool allows to publish a request or offer of training/ services/ jobs and through the feature of “matching” helps you to have a quick answer. The focus on the Maritime and Logistics industry fields makes it really specialized and effective.

Onthemosway.eu aims also at becoming the reference point as tool  to boost the visibility of the maritime transport events: it allows a complete digital coverage, ensuring effective interaction between the speakers, the participants physically attending the event  and the virtual audience.

Announcements in the Social Media Channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), direct invitations through DEM to our 1150 industry targeted subscribers, the presence in our Event Calendar are some actions useful  to engage the audience before the event.

During the conference onthemosway.eu can be the platform for the Live Streaming and can cover through a Live Twitting activity the whole conference program, spreading the word about the pillars of each speech.

An event review by collecting all material including pictures, videos and social media contributions can be published on the web site after the conference as well as a photo gallery in our Facebook page, enhancing  the main outcomes.

Recent events covered by onthemosway.eu include WiderMoS Mid and Final Events, TEN-T days at Riga  and conferences including “The relevance of MoS in the EU transportation system and TEN-T” and “LNG Bunkering & Training Challenges”.