26 February 18

Digitalisation to address sustainability challenge

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2018 02 26 digitalizationThe digitalisation of ports and terminal operations offers ways to realise a fourth industrial revolution and clean up the environment.

The revolution will bring with it safety, operational, and environmental benefits, said Ottonel Popesco, president, Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA), addressing delegates at the organisation’s annual conference, if inertia in the ports and terminals sector doesn’t stand in the way of development.

“With the necessary ambition among PEMA members, everybody can be best in class in improving safety, driving efficiency, and reducing environmental impact,” he said.

Broader challenges

The conference included presentations on artificial intelligence, data management, cyber-physical systems and interoperability between layers of IoT platforms.

While major challenges discussed included sustainability, regionalisation of trade flows, labour market disruption, regulatory changes, common standards for data analytics, state aid and private investment, the emergence of new business models and competitive collaboration.

Keynote speakers included Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, secretary general of FEPORT, and Captain Richard Brough OBE, technical advisor at ICHCA International.

José Llorca, chairman of Puertos del Estado, also stressed the importance of digitalisation in the ports sector calling it “crucial to the quality and efficiency of services and to align [the sector] with the industrial revolution 4.0.”

PEMA’s 2018 Student Challenge will challenge entrants to develop a comprehensive business plan to reduce emissions and increase productivity at the environmentally friendly port of the future.

The organisation is also planning to launch a new website and publish several papers on topics including brown-field automation collision prevention, mooring technologies and ASC performance.

Source: GreenPort 

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