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Increasing and improving trade across the Mediterranean area has been identified as a top priority under the European Neighbourhood Policy. CUSTOM MED project (Improving the goods circulation between the Middle East and the EU by networking and adopting shared procedures and technologies), supported under of the European Neighborhood Partnership Instrument Cross Border Cooperation for Mediterranean Countries (ENPI CBC MED www.enpicbcmed.eu), is an example of a project which uses transnational cooperation to improve customs and increase the mobility of goods, to the benefit of all partners.

The project – lead by the University of Genoa (Italy), Dept. of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture” (DITEN) – officially started on 12th April 2012 and will extend over a period of 30 months. Its purpose is to increase goods circulation among selected Mediterranean ports (Aqaba, Beirut, Piraeus, Genoa and Alicante) by developing common customs procedures and increasing the use of ICT. This will contribute to reducing the length of import-clearing processes reinforcing at the same time the competiveness of the concerned ports.

CUSTOM MED project carried out a series of technical visits and analysis of the involved ports of the Mediterranean basin in order to collect data on the customs regulation and procedures applied to maritime freight. The analysis activity aims to identify best practices related to the simplification of customs procedures and trade facilitation that will be then transferred to customs officials and port authorities agents. In fact, the collected information will be the base for developing the coming activity of training.

Thanks to the support of the Italian Customs Agency, who joined the project as an associated partner, CUSTOM MED project is involved in the Mediterranean Initiative, aimed at strengthening the cooperation at regional level, through concrete coordination of actions, based on safety and efficiency standards internationally applied and modernizing the Customs Administrations of the Middle East and North African Countries. The Med Initiative, led by Italian Customs, involves the participation of Customs representatives from Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey.

CUSTOM MED project will take part in next meetings of the Med Initiative in Genoa, on 8-9 April, where the results of the implemented activities will be presented and a Permanent Focus Group with the aim of developing the Lebanese and Jordan road map will be launched, in order to build up the Guidelines for the application of the methodology on a large scale, to all Mediterranean partner countries.

The first newsletter of the Project has been has been produced in order to inform about  of the implementation of the project activities. You can find information of the first tasks developed in the project, specially the visits to the different ports participating at the following link:


The following organisations are involved as partners:

Source: www.custommed.eu