16 June 20

Open Call: Cross-sectoral development of innovative port clusters in the Atlantic: Developing a blue accelerator scheme for Atlantic ports

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Open Call: Cross-sectoral development of innovative port clusters in the Atlantic: Developing a blue accelerator scheme for Atlantic ports


Specific Challenge:

The overarching objective of this call is to boost entrepreneurship and foster a sustainable blue economy in the Atlantic area by increasing the competitiveness and resilience of Atlantic ports.

Specifically, this action aims at supporting:



Proposals should cover all of the following core activities and include at least one complementary activity, such as those included in the non-exhaustive list of examples below reported.

Core activities

Applicants should identify in the proposal a list of Atlantic ports in EU territories (minimum two from different countries) which will cooperate and participate in the network. Additional Atlantic ports from other EU Member States and eligible countries may be included in the network to facilitate cooperation and cross-learning. The proposal should describe the set-up of the network and how the ports will participate. The ports may be partners in the project proposal.

The proposed network of Atlantic ports should identify the thematic challenges for blue economy business innovation that they will jointly target, as part of a joint strategy for a blue accelerator scheme.

The action will foster an innovation ecosystem that will provide access for innovative blue economy companies to information, ideas, financing, etc. The ecosystem must include investors, ports, entrepreneurs and the public sector. The action should bring together all of these stakeholders to cooperate with the Atlantic ports network, in order to develop a common vision and identify solutions to the thematic challenges, which can be delivered through a blue accelerator scheme.

The action will design and set in place a blue accelerator scheme to deliver services such as mentorship, bootcamps, investment and public support to help start-ups to grow and/or to scale up innovative businesses.

The action will design tools/services to facilitate access to finance for innovative businesses. This should include supporting the identification of, and linking with, complementary sources of funding at national/regional and transnational/EU levels, and matching innovative start-ups with investors.

The action will prepare a business plan for the blue accelerator scheme and for the continuity of the Atlantic Ports network. The business plan should include funding, including from the public sector and private investors, to ensure the sustainability of the scheme and the support services for innovative businesses.

Complementary activities

Proposals should include complementary activities (at least one) to support the core activities and the call objectives. Examples of complementary activities are:

This above list of complementary activities is non-exhaustive. Other activities may be proposed, provided they are justified and in line with the call objectives.


Expected Impact:

The expected results should cover each of the following points:

The list of expected results above is non-exhaustive and applicants may add other expected results if relevant.

Public link:
https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/ …