12 August 14

Costa II East – Poseidon Med

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Poseidon Med

Poseidon Med is a follow-up to the COSTA Global Project, which ended in April 2014 and concluded that a series of
detailed regional studies should be undertaken to analyse the use of LNG as a regional marine fuel.
It is a study in the form of a pilot action, which aims to detail the infrastructure development requirements to widely adopt
LNG as marine fuel for shipping operations.

It will design an LNG transport, distribution, supply (including bunkering) network and infrastructure for its use as marine fuel in the eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus, Italy), and define the framework for a well-functioning and sustainable relative market (vessels) for its demand.

The project targets the establishment of a comprehensive LNG network in the east Mediterranean, development of a sustainable market for LNG as marine fuel, revival of the shipping industry, as well as an increase in fleet competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

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