25 February 19

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Official presentation of the logistics chain design tool

On January 24th 2019, the presentation day to the beneficiaries of the logistic supply chain design tool of LNG as maritime fuel took place. A total of 27 attendees from 10 different entities participated in the meeting organized by Enagás (CORE LNGas HIVE project coordinator) including Puertos del Estado as an institutional leader, 7 port authorities, Reganosa and the company SBC (Shipping Business Consultants) in charge of developing the tool.

Since the completion of the “Study of LNG demand in the Iberian Peninsula” developed by DNV in 2017, there was an issue pending on this assignment of the “Study of a Logistics Supply Chain” within the framework of the action of the subactivity named ET 2.3.4. for the development of the last part that has been just now finalised and implemented by SBC.

The purpose of the meeting was demonstrating the features obtained and training partners on the way to use and exploit the tool developed by SBC in collaboration with the entire project consortium. The tool is aimed at creating supply chains of LNG for maritime fuel to cover the demand previously calculated. This meeting was led by Carlos Álvarez-Cascos and Julián Nieto (SBC) and was organized around two different conceptual blocks: a theoretical one to explain the tool using the LNG demand study as a reference and a practical in which beneficiaries tested the tool.

This presentation to beneficiaries is considered as a successful closing up of the project subactivities ET 2.3.4 “Study on LNG demand and supply chain analysis for the roll out”, having enabled reaching the milestone for the future analysis of the supply and demand of LNG in the port sector. The next step foreseen is the presentation of the tool at the “Working group meeting on ports
and multimodal terminals, Atlantic CORE network corridor”, Lisbon, 6-7 March.