18 April 21

Connecting EU: The virtual event on the development of the maritime industry and its green transition

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April 26

Towards the Port of the Future.

DocksTheFuture Network of Excellence meets
the Getting to Zero Coalition

  • Alexio Picco, Managing Director Circle Group

  • Jesse Fahnestock, Project Director First Movers Initiatives, Global Maritime Forum

Hydrogen applications for Ports & Logistcs
Media partner: Hydronews



April 27

Connectivity and beyond: how 5G ecosystem empowers the port and logistics industry

Data and connectivity have become an extremely important asset, not only to cope with traffic congestion, environmental challenges and handle upcoming and future logistics capacity, but also to develop economic and innovative business opportunities for regions, industries, SMEs and high-tech start-ups

Interview with the associations: MEDPorts and BPO

  • Bogdan Ołdakowski, Secretary General Baltic Ports Organization

  • Philippe Guillaumet, Secretary General MEDports Association



April 28

Optimization and Digital Twin in the Rail Last Mile: patterns and applications

Shaping the future of European Short Sea Shipping: Autonomous & Automated technologies

Autonomous and automated technologies can stimulate the modernization of intra-European waterborne transport and increase the modal shift from land-based transportation to Short Sea Shipping.

Interview with the manager

  • Phanthian Zuesongdham, Port of Hamburg – Division of Port Process Solution



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26 April | 5.00 – 6.30 pm
Hydrogen applications for Ports & Logistics

28 April | 9.00 – 10.30 am
Optimisation and Digital Twin in the Rail Last Mile: patterns&applications

29 April | 12.00 – 13.30 pm
Cutting edge interoperability: when IoT and A.I. drive real value to port operations Register