28 August 12

Clean new diesels

Japan’s Yanmar Co Ltd has received certification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for diesel engines in the range 19 to 56kW, compliant with Tier 4 standards.

This comes at a critical time with both Europe and North America planning to introduce even stricter standards to control non-road diesel engines under 56kW from next year.

Yanmar has simultaneously received Tier 4 compliance certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which requires that emissions of particulate matter and NOx be further reduced by about 90% compared to previous levels, positioning compliant items among the cleanest industrial diesel engines available.

To ensure compliance with the latest emission regulations, Yanmar has employed proprietary direct injection and electronic control technologies, along with an advanced common rail system and diesel particulate filter technologies.

The combination of exhaust gas recirculation with advanced electronic control allows for a significant reduction in particulate matter and NOx emissions.

Source: greenport.com