21 May 18

Channel LNG

The main objective of the Global Project is to enable a gradual but rapid transition towards the viable supply of LNG (liquefied natural gas) for a fleet of vessels operating in the SECA and within EU. This project, part of Priority Project 21 (Motorways of the Sea), covers three main objectives, namely the:

1. Installation of small scale equipment for LNG bunkering in the Zeebrugge terminal (Belgium) to break down large quantities of LNG into smaller ones for further distribution in the North Sea and the Channel region. Zeebrugge
would become the first European terminal open to the public for this kind of operation.

2. Equipment of three ferry berths with automatic quick release mooring hooks, two at the Port of Portsmouth (UK) and one in the Port of Caen/Ouistreham (France).

3. Establishment of an optimal logistic chain to LNG in order to deliver LNG to ports and ships remote from the main European gas import terminals and therefore encourage the rapid growth in the number of vessels using LNG.

Member States involved:
Belgium, France, United Kingdom

Implementation schedule
Start date: January 2013
End date: December 2015


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