17 March 16

Catalan students discover the Motorways of the Sea with 2E3S

escolaMore than 50 master students from University of Barcelona embarked on one of 2E3S proven courses on maritime logistics – a MOST (Motorways Of the Sea Training) Management course. Organized by the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S), the training took place between the 5h and the 8th of March on board of a Grimaldi Lines vessel on the crossing between Barcelona and Civitavecchia.

Promoted by the Port of Barcelona, Grimaldi Lines and Ports of Rome and Lazio, the course provided training in intermodal logistics, short sea shipping services, the Motorways of the Sea, transport technologies and the European Union’s environmental policies on transport.

The eminently practical approach focuses on bringing short sea shipping operations to life by taking place on board of a Ro-Pax vessels travelling along one of the main motorways of the sea in Europe. Having the course where the services and operations take place makes the perception as real and direct as possible, and the learning process becomes easier. Over four days, the participants have learned about the concept of co-modality, discovered the tools required to calculate the benefits and savings to be gained from the use of the motorways of the sea, understood the concept of e-Maritime and its use to improve the efficiency and reliability of intermodal transport and operations, and acquired knowledge about the European policy on transport. Aside from the theoretical lectures, the students were given the opportunity to participate in workshops, practical visits to the vessel, and to work on a case study in teams. A trip to the city of Rome was also made optional, as the group had some free time during the resting time of the vessel.

This edition of the MOST Management course was carried out in Spanish, and taught by regular teachers of 2E3S: Adriana Díaz (Projects, Knowledge & Quality Manager of 2E3S), Eduard Rodés (Director of 2E3S) and Antonio Vargas (ex-General Director of Grimaldi Logistics Spain). They were available to help the students in their learning process, as explained by a participant: “All the teachers were very willing to talk with us, and not only to resolve doubts but also to share their experience.”

Source: Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping