21 November 12

CargoBeamer gets underway

CargoBeamer recently carried out a test run from Leipzig to Calais.

The trial run from the test terminal in Leipzig to Calais, made last month, “demonstrated that CargoBeamer fulfils all technical and operational requirements to run on the European rail network,” stated the company.

As previously reported, CargoBeamer is a horizontal rail-road transfer system for non-cranable road trailers – which make up 85-90% of Europe’s semi-trailer population – and a CargoBeamer terminal is to be installed in the new Calais Premier Logistics terminal (for last detailed report and picture see WorldCargo News, May 2012, p70).

“Freight traffic on European roads is forecast to grow by 75% until 2025, threatening to take the continent’s roads infrastructure to the verge of traffic collapse,” said Hans-Juergen Weidemann, CEO of CargoBeamer. “CargoBeamer has the potential to counter the situation by shifting cargo from road to rail.”

As also previously reported, CargoBeamer is investing €25M to build a terminal (CargoBeamer Gate) at the new Calais Premier logistics hub. Some 3.2M trucks pass through Calais annually. The concept is that UK-bound trailers would switch to driver-accompanied at the hub and, conversely, Continent-bound trailers would switch to unaccompanied rail transport with CargoBeamer.

From Calais, CargoBeamer is targetting two major European cargo routes with high traffic volumes: the east-west-route to the Baltic states via the Benelux, Germany and Poland; and the north-south route to Italy via France, Germany and Switzerland.

With the start of operations planned for 2014, the Calais terminal will have the capacity to transfer more than 800 semi-trailers per day from road to rail. In addition to Calais, CargoBeamer Gates are underway in Hagen (Germany), Legnica (Poland) and Mockava (Lithuania).

Source: worldcargonews.com