24 March 15

Business to Motorways of the Sea

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Business to Motorways of the Sea

Business to Motorways of the Sea

The B2MoS Action is an innovative study which takes the form of pilot actions principally aimed at preparing and adapting business communities and port authorities’ systems to the requirements of Directive 2010/65/EU, providing interoperable electronic documents and messages (ie. electronic sea waybill) intending to boost the efficiency of door-to-door MoS supply chains, facilitating intra-Community trade and increasing European territorial cohesion. The main objectives of the Action are: – Preparing port management, Port Community Systems (PCS) and business stakeholders’ systems to efficiently comply with the requirements of Directive 2010/65/EU and with new National Single Windows. – Improving interoperability of electronic messages and systems for the exchange of crucial transport documents such as the electronic manifest, sea waybill, rail consignment note and commercial invoice. – Extending the electronic T2L initiative (electronic proof of Community status of traded goods, already elaborated in MOS4MOS), piloting its interoperability among Member States and promoting mutual recognition among Member States of the proof of EU Community Status by electronic means. – Improving the exchange of information of public and private organisations and promoting their operational cooperation to increase the efficiency of MoS. – Boosting the development of a TEN-T MoS network connecting North and South Europe and East and West regions in the Mediterranean area and improving European cohesion by simplifying specific administrative procedures affecting ultra-peripheral and peripheral regions and reducing barriers to intraCommunity trade.

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