22 January 16

Busan Port Authority on track to handle 20m teu in 2016

To reach 20m teu, BPA plans to strengthen its customer service activities; subsidise the cost of inter-terminal transportation of transhipment cargo; and, establish an empty cargo storage area in the New Port.

In addition, BPA will accelerate its integration plans at North Port to deliver a single unified terminal operator, which will become a shareholder too, and speed up further terminal construction at New Port to meet current cargo demand and ease congestion at peak times.

BPA is also hoping to attract more multinational logistics companies as tenants in 2016 by focusing on the development of the Distripark, and enhance its current co-operation activities with other ports to drive global port throughput and widen the port’s logistics network.

With this, BPA is confident of reaching its goal in spite of a sluggish shipping market and an average growth rate of around 4% seen by the world’s top ten ports in 2015.

Chief executive of Busan Port Authority, Yejong Woo, said: “As one of the world’s largest container ports, we must focus our efforts on the international markets to ensure our continuing growth and development.

“We are well placed, geographically, to handle domestic, international and transhipment cargoes, and our modern terminal facilities and extensive Distripark make us an excellent choice for vessel and cargo owners. We will continue to diversify our portfolio, and enhance the service we deliver to our customers in 2016 and beyond.”

Source: Port Strategy